About Us

Our mission is to break down market entry barriers by ensuring VAT compliance for online sellers in Europe.

hellotax is a tech company that builds automated solutions for VAT compliance. Companies of every size use our software to ensure their VAT compliance while selling online in Europe.

Our Story

Founded in 2016, hellotax is an international company with corporate headquarters in Alicante, Spain. Like many businesses, we have started as an interesting idea, a concept maybe worth working out. 

The more knowledge we gathered, we started to realize that the need of our services is bigger than we have expected. Our growth ever since has shown that. With current and former online sellers on board, we know where the difficulties and problems are to find and moreover, and even more important, how to solve them.

The key to the success of our clients and the widespread service offers which goes with it is an international and versatile team complementing each other. People from all around the world are bringing together their skills and experience to ensure the best services possible for our clients. That’s why tax accountants, FBA sellers, programmers and many other experts are forming the hellotax team.

Team members

Christoph Prokeš


Cristian Noguera

Co- Founder

Carmen Ojeda

Talent Management Leader

Florian Hoenl

Business Development

Raúl Blaya

Finance Manager

Holta Pacarada

Accounting Assistant

Samer A.

Sales Consultant

Klaudia Maria Bretta

Sales Consultant

Tarik Yayla

Marketing Leader

Anca Canulescu

Marketing Specialist

Maximilian Gampl

SEO & Content Marketing

Annie Wenden

Customer Support Manager

Dominik Larcher

SEO Specialist

Krzysztof Chara

Operations Leader


Francisco Villa

Tax Accountant (Spain)

Touseef Aslam

Tax Accountant (UK)

Jamal Essrhir

Tax Accountant (France)

Zbynek Svejcar

Tax Accountant (Czech Republic)

Lucio Steduto

Tax Accountant (Italy)

Oliver Müller

Tax Accountant (Germany)

Moritz Jonas

Tax Accountant (Germany)

Wioletta Krakowska

Tax Accountant (Poland)

Maja Bernat Piletic

Reporting Coordinator

Erwin Labadan

Reporting Assistant

Tanveer Aslam

Reporting Assistant

William Medrano

Registration & TLI Coordinator

Jonathan Jordan

Data Entry Specialist

Aileen Pugal

Data Entry Specialist

Mark Alva

Data Entry Specialist

Glaziel Joy Nabarty

Digital Registration Assistant

Dan Barbu

Knowledge Base Manager

Maria Dopheide

Account Manager

Fabio Lavanna

Account Manager

Nadiya Kozak

Account Manager

Cristiana Maggiolini

Account Manager

Sergiy Agreev

Software Developer

Peter Vadasz

Project Manager (Software)

Odett Kovacs

Product Owner (Software)

Balazs Toth

Software Developer

Peter Varihazy

Software Developer

Levente Farkas

Software Developer

Artyom Jaksov

Software Developer

Vivien Solya

Frontend Developer

Edvardas Baltrunas

Software Engineer

Tamas Hercz

Software Developer

Furkan Sengöz

Sales Consultant

Nick Penev

Partnership Manager

Sabrina Smith

Account Manager Trainee

Kinga Klaja

Tax Advisor

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less workload for VAT compliance in Europe.
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VAT Returns have been filed by us for our clients.
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less time handling all VAT-related tasks.

Protection from bureaucracy

hellotax is the shield that protects you from VAT-related issues. We will guide you through the VAT jungle that all online sellers have to get through.

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