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In the tax sector, meeting requirements and deadlines is crucial. If, for some unforeseeable reason, it was e.g. not possible for us to submit a VAT return in time, we will of course cover the fines that might arise.

hellotax money back guarantee

We believe in our service! That's why we guarantee a refund for all penalties that might arise due to mistakes from us. The vast majority of all our submitted VAT returns and reports are on time (99,8%), but when dealing with tax authorities in different countries, there are simply some factors over which we have no control. However, to ensure that this is not to the detriment of our customers, we will cover all fees and penalties incurred as a result of a mistake we made. If you have entered all data correctly in the software, you will never be stuck with the costs! This way, our clients are always on the safe side.


hellotax money back guarantee

All fees and fines which arise due to a mistake from us are fully reimbursed. We filed the report late, we pay the penalty - it's as simple as that!


of our filings are on time

Almost 100% of our VAT returns are filed in time, but there are factors we cannot control. In the rare case of a late filing, we pay the fees!


reports filed in Europe

We are the trusted VAT solution for hundreds of online sellers around the world. That's why we have already filed more than 50,000 reports.

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