Many Amazon Prime members are already waiting full of anticipation for the Amazon Prime Day. The best-selling day in summer of the online giant takes place in July and is a huge marketing and sales event. But what is it? When is it? And where? One thing at a time.

What is the Amazon Prime Day?

The Amazon Prime Day is the 3rd biggest selling day after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It usually takes place in the last week of July. On this day, Amazon Prime members can get discounts of up to -70% on many items from Amazon.

Due to the big success, it was adjusted in the past and changed from 24 hours to 36 hours. For this year, there are rumours that it could even last 48 hours.

When is the Amazon Prime Day in 2019?

Amazon announces the final date of that day in the last week of June, the Prime Day itself takes place in the mid of July. Last year, it took place on Tuesday the 17th.

This year, it will probably start on the 15th at 12 p.m. and last until the end of the 16th, however, this could be put a day forward or a day back. We will tell you more as soon as there is an update from Amazon.

In which countries is the Prime Day (this year)? 

It’s hard to tell in how many countries Prime Day will be this year, last year there were 17 countries including many European countries as well as the US, China, Australia, Japan and many more.

This year, the Prime Day is likely to take place in the same countries as it did in 2018. Due to the big success, maybe there are some surprising newcomers as well.

The best Amazon Prime Day deals – Overview

Of course, Amazon uses this day to boost the sale of its own products. In 2018 for example, the top sellers were the Echo Dot and the Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice remote – both products from Amazon.

Briefly speaking, discounts can be expected on Amazon’s products in general. That means e.g. Kindles, Tablets and Prime Video.

It’s too early to say which products could be price-reduced this year but as soon as Amazon’s provides some more information, we will inform you about that as well.