A+ Content for your Listings: Advantages, Images, Brand

A+ Content allows vendors to enhance their product detail pages with more comprehensive product descriptions with images, graphics, videos and more. It appears directly below the regular product description.

Why A+ Content?

A+ Content has one main goal: to encourage your visitors to buy. According to Amazon, A+ content increases your conversion rate and increases your revenue by 3-10%.

Advantages of having A+ Content

  • More Keywords
  • better product description
  • Triggering the buyer’s emotional response
  • dispalying more quality images
  • showing more text in the descirption and telling the brand’s story
  • people get more comfortable with your product, your brand, your business

The best way to increase conversion rates is to engage the buyer’s emotional “why” by keeping them longer on the listing.


More images and more detailed product descriptions allow you to tell the story of your product. You can present the unique benefits and features and lifestyle associated with your product in a better way.


Tell the story of your brand and connect it emotionally with your customers. This is crucial for bulding brand awareness and loyalty. And as you know, people tend to buy the same brand again.