The Amazon Associates Program: Affiliate Marketing to the Limit

Amazon Associates Program, which is one of the first online Affiliate Programs, was launched 20 years ago, and has a track record of developing solutions in order to help the developers and owners of websites. It helps Amazon sellers to make money by advertising a huge number of products (new and used ones) from and its subsidiaries.

How the Amazon Associates Program (Affiliate) works?

The just mentioned website owners/developers create links and when potential customers click though those links and buy products from, the creators of the link get a referral free. Joining the Amazon Associates Program is not only free but also quite easy to use and very clear.

Provide customers the opportunity of referring them to a website where they can buy the products you are advertising on your website and if they buy the products you can earn up to 10 % referral fees.

A) Advertise products on your webpage, B) People follow the links to Amazon, C) Earn the prevailing percentage on the price if they buy the product

How to create/embed links from

You can either use “Site Stripes”, “Text and Product Links” or “Banners”. By adding a native shopping ad on your site, you provide highly relevant dynamic product recommendations in a high-quality design. This can be a “Recommendation Ad”, a “Search Ad” or a “Custom Ad”.

To sum it up, the Amazon Associates Program gives you the possibility to earn money on your webpage without any costs, any distributions and any products you have to give away.