Amazon Central Europe Programme: Definition, Advantages, Facts

Finding the right fulfilment types for fba sellers can be tough. If you decide to let Amazon take care of your storage and distribution, there are mainly 4 possible Amazon services to choose from: Pan-European FBA, the European Filfilment Network , Multi-Country Inventory and the Central Europe Programme. This article will show you what the Central Europe Programme is all about.

When is Amazon CEP the right choice?

The Central Europe Programme (CEP) is a fulfilment type Amazon FBA sellers can choose. It allows storing in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic and can be a great opportunity to expand your business in Europe.

The CEP is ideal for companies that are a little bigger, starting at about a turnover of 500 units/month, and here is why:

  • FBA inventory that would otherwise only be placed in Germany can be stored in all three countries
  • additional fulfilment networks can be used
  • the fulfilment fees per FBA unit are 0.50€ lower and
  • the shipping efficiency is increased.

With the Central Europe Programme you ship your FBA inventory to a warehouse in Germany, then Amazon handles the distribution to Amazon’s fulfillment centers in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic at Amazon’s discretion. There are no additional FBA fees to use this service. This program implies that you are VAT registered in those 3 countries. We will monitor all your sales, calculate the taxes for every order and file the VAT returns on a regular basis.

Central Europe Programme: Quickfacts

What is the Amazon CEP?

The Central Europe Programme can be regarded as a fulfilment network expansion. It allows using fulfilment centres in Germany, Poland and the Czech republic.

When is it the right choice for me?

The CEP is suitable for medium businesses who sell at least 500 units per month and want to expand. If Germany is your main marketplace, CE Program is highly recommended.

Which benefits are there when using CEP?

The biggest benefit is the money you save, namely 0.50 € of the fulfillment fee for every unit you sell from Germany, Poland or the Czech Republic. Further, you ensure faster delivery time.

Are there any disadvantages?

The only downside is that you need to register for VAT in all three of these countries.


The Amazon Central Europe Programme can be a good way to expand your business and we are happy to help you with the registrations. However, there are other fulfilment types for fba sellers as well. To make sure you find the best solution for your business, check out our articles about Pan-European FBA, the European Fulfilment Network (EFN) or simply contact us.