Amazon Pan-European FBA: Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages

As chosing the best fulfilment type for your online business is crucial for success, this decision should be well-considered. Pan-European FBA is for sellers who are already quite successfull and want to bring their business to the next level. This article will show what PAN-EU is all about and how it can be used to conquer the European market.

What you need to know about Amazon Pan-EU

Pan-European Fulfilment by Amazon is a fulfilment option for Amazon sellers using Fba and it can be a great opportunity for sellers who want to expand their business.

Pan-EU enables sellers to deliver their inventory to a local fulfilment centre and sell their goods from there. Amazon takes care of the logistic aspect and automatically ships the good across its European Fulfilment Network according to the anticipated local customer demand. This way your products are always where they are needed.

Amazon will ship orders from the closest fulfilment centre where the product is available directly to the customer.

The order usually arrives on the next weekday.

Further, this service can also help sellers to grow their business by making their products eligible for Amazon Prime, meaning they will have access to millions of Amazon’s most loyal customers, along with Amazon’s trusted and acclaimed customer service.

Makes PAN-EU sense for my business?

As there are different fulfilment types, it’s important to figure out which one fits best to your company. Generally speaking, it’s the best solution for big sellers with a turnover of at least 1,500 units/month. PAN-EU can be considered as the big step to fastest delivery all over Europe. If the demand is big enough, why not selling everywhere? Chosing PAN-European FBA can increase or rather maximize your turnover, your sales and your profit.


– Largest sales potential– Storing in all FBA countries
– Fastest delivery to all customers in Europe – You only pay the local fulfillment fee
– Higher visibility due the Prime – Most profitable (but more complex)


– More complex (but more profitable) – VAT number required in every country you are storing goods in

Pan-European FBA can bring your online business to the next level. It is a great way to enter new markets and reach many new customers. However, there are other fulfilment types for fba sellers as well. To make sure you find the best solution for your business, check out our articles about the Central Europe Programme, the European Fulfilment Network (EFN) or simply contact us.