What is FNSKU (Fulfilment Network Stock Keeping) and how do I get it?

The FNSKU number is an Amazon product identifier which is used by all Amazon logistics centers to mark your products. It’s exclusively for products which are fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) – that is how all products can be assigned to its sellers.

How to get my FNSKU

You can find it out by clicking “Get FNSKU” on the Action Menu of the Amazon properties page. This number is obligatory, you could call it an Amazon-internal EAN number. When creating FBA Inbound Shipment, it is possible to the FNSKU for multiple products. Usually on the external label where the FNSKU can be found, there is also the name of the product and the condition of the product.

What’s with FNSKU if I label my products?

If you do the labelling for your products which will be fulfilled by Amazon, it is necessary that you paste over older/all other labelling which can be scanned.

Now let us talk about the HS code. This code is a number which helps the customs authorities to find the matching rate of taxation for an imported good.

All products get documented exactly and the customs tariffs are defined exactly as well. The recordings s done using a customs tariff number which consists of 8 digits and is necessary for the creation of the import papers. In order to find out which customs tariffs number is the one you can either ask the customs or click here.