Amazon Launchpad: Showcase your cutting-edge Products on Amazon

Amazon Launchpad is a unique service of Amazon which helps to introduce new and innovative products from Start-ups to millions of potential customers. With its specialized knowledge in E-Commerce, its global infrastructure and marketing-tools, Amazon makes it easier for the inventors to tell the story of their product, to make it known and to finally send it to the purchaser.

What is the Amazon Launchpad?

As there are different necessities when it comes to advertise and present products from Start-ups, Amazon Launchpad was especially designed to take care of these necessities while still offering all advantages established Amazon vendors usually have.

Using bigger images and videos on the one hand and client-specific product detail pages on the other hand support to make the product more popular.

Amazon Launchpad works together with crowdfunding platforms, venture capitalists and other companies to take care of initial difficulties.

If you are already an active Amazon seller, you might ask if you can participate in the Amazon Launchpad program. Briefly speaking: the answer to this question is yes. You just need to hand in an application form and after 4 weeks your application should be accepted.

Advantages of Amazon Launchpad:

Quick market launch:

Profit from Amazon’s distribution network to launch your product faster and more efficient.

Become well-known:

While Amazon helps you to make your market launch rather quick – starting with the creation of your account up to your first sold item – its PR and marketing measures will ensure to make your business known and your product(s) visible to customers on all Amazon marketplaces.

Create a brand:

The client-specific product detail pages show unique content which will make it easier for you to tell your story and to get in touch with customers all around the world. “About the Startup” Q&A helps you connect with customers on a personal level.