Amazon Product Listing Optimization – Guide 2019: Step by step increase your rankings

An optimized Amazon listing can have a huge effect on sales numbers – the higher the ranking, the higher the turnover. The product listing optimization targets the product title, the product description, the bullet points, product images and the back-end keywords.This brief guide will show how an Amazon product listing optimization. Let’s get started.

How to optimize the product title

The title is already one of the most important in terms of Amazon Listing Optimization. That’s why you should include as many primary keywords as possible in it. Regarding the length, the maximum is 250 characters (sometimes it depends on the category) but putting simply keywords together won’t work.

Creating a key phrase which is actually a ‘functioning’ phrase with a message makes way more sense in terms of SEO as the benefit for the customers is crucial.

Apart from finding the right keywords, there are a few aspects which are worth considering as well, like

  • capitalizing the first letter of every word,
  • writing numbers in numerals,
  • including valuable information like key elements or benefits of the product and
  • and adding the target keyword.

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What product images should look like

Images are one of the key factors for the buying decision of potential customers. As the visual component is almost always decisive, make sure to have proper images.

What are “proper” images? Well, it is allowed to embed 9 pictures into one listing. The main picture should be professional, in front of a white background and of course high quality. It’s the first picture a customer will see so it should convince him.

The other photos can and should be used to show the product from different perspectives, in use, in detail, with the package… always depending on the product.

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Amazon Listing Optimization: Bullet Points

For the optimization of bullet points, it makes sense to keep these 4 steps in mind:

  1. Less is more: keep the bullet points rather short and don’t forget to create “functioning” sentences (no matter in which language)
  2. Include the most relevant information of the product
  3. Name the major benefits, advantages, features of the product. Why is it better than comparable ones?
  4. List everything that comes in the parcel, like manuals or a charger. Use at least 5 Bullet Points in each listing!

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What product description should look like

Now the last part of the Amazon Listing Optimization: the product description. For the product description there are also some essential tips for a better listing. The description should give more detailed information about the product within the character limitation of 2000 characters. Using all characters makes sense.

The description should contain

  • short sentences,
  • main features and benefits for the customers,
  • easy language: not childish but not too complex,
  • some keywords (if these KWs weren’t used elsewhere in the listing).

It’s recommendable to focus on the actual description of the product and not mainly on the keywords as they can be added anywhere else like in the title or the bullet points.

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Keywords in a Listing

The general keyword is one of the most important listing optimization parameters and should not be neglected. In total, there is a line of 250 bytes available, which should be used. Further, keywords that have not found a place in the product title or in the attributes can be included here.

When using general keywords, no commas or repetitions should be used. In addition, all keywords should be separated exclusively by a space so that no unnecessary characters are wasted. In addition, search terms that can be written together or separately should always be hyphenated as Amazon respects both spellings.

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To sum it up

We hope this article has given a small overview on what to do to improve your product listing on Amazon. By keeping the tips above in mind, the foundation for a better ranking should be laid. Further, find detailed articles about the optimization of each part of a Amazon listing in the navigation menu top right.