Amazon Bullet Points: Secrets that work in 2019 – Guide, Tips, Template

When you have optimized your product title you should now focus on optimizing the bullet points of the product. The title decides whether a potential customer clicks on your product or not, the bullet points are the first step to a buying decision and help again to increase the SEO of your product’s page on Amazon.

How to optimize bullet points in the listing

Usually, buyers look at the title first and then they have a look on the bullet points to get an overview of all features. Within seconds the decision is made either to stay on this page or to search for a comparable product.

Bullet Point Tips – write it in a way that it sells

That is why you should make sure to make these bullet points as appealing as possible. Make sure to use all 5 of them – and as much characters as possible as long as it does not seem to be forced.

Again, it is all about information but in contrary to the title now the content is more important than the SEO. You should focus on writing down the best features of the products

Why is it better than comparable products?

Use capital letters to make it more remarkable.

To optimize your bullet points even more, do think about SEO but the sequence of words and phrases should be more natural like in the title.