Amazon Product Bundle: Definition, Combine, Strategy

A Bundle is the combination of two or more products which is sold on Amazon as one unit and which has consequently only one ASIN. Basically, there are two possibilities how it can be combined: you can either use multiple items of the same kind to create a Bundle or different items.

Why combining several goods to a Bundle?

There are several advantages which come along with the distribution of goods combined to a Bundle. It is a fantastic way to sell items which have high demand. These kinds of products usually have many suppliers and by combining these items to “one” the number of competitors decreased while the price per unit also decreases which leads inevitably to higher sales figures and a higher turnover.

Bundle Strategy

That these different items should fit together is self-evident, like for example a school bag + a pencil case + pencils. Consequently, it makes sense to use items which are highly complementary. This is also, among other important pieces of information, embedded in Amazon’s Detailed Bundle Guidelines.

Especially for FBA-users, selling items this way will pay off. Why? Because there are fixed fees for packaging and if you sell, for example, three units of the same item as a Bundle, you have to pay the fees only one instead of three times.

Now you can decrease the price per unit while still getting the same (or even more) profits and while being the most reasonable seller. Furthermore, as it has been shown, people tend to buy Bundles even if they wouldn’t buy all items separately.