Amazon Product Description Template 2019: Guide, Tips, Character Limit

After the title, the images and the bullet points in the listing are optimized, it’s now time to focus on the acutal product description. This article shows you how to optimize the description, how to increase traffic and conversion, what a proper listings looks like and how to write the description.

How do I write the perfect Amazon Product Description?

That’s where you want to convince the potential customer to buy your product. What is relevant information they will need? How can you ensure a good buying experience.

Show what makes your product and your brand special and better than others. You have to explain the experience of buying, using and having your product.

Product Description Character Limit

Only 2000 bytes of data, about 300 words, or 1,900 (incl. Spaces) are allowed. So besides your „good story“ you should implement all relevant keywords and create a mix of valuable information, Keywords and quality content

Writing an Amazon description – Guideline/Template

Like mentioned before, think about the benefits and advantages for clients who have bought your product. This way you can also find out about your target audience and who you want to address. Use this knowledge in all parts of your listing, including the description, and maybe also in your marketing.

Being convinced by your own product, showing a personal touch, etc. is perfectly fine and can be found in Amazon product description, that’s no problem.

It’s also all about building trust. Either in you, your product or your brand. People need trust to buy your product in the first place and to come back to this company again.

What is important: Product Listing Tips

  • Highlight main benefits and why your product is what the customer is looking for
  • Set yourself apart from the competition by convincing with quality
  • Use keywords but ensure quality content that makes sense
  • Satisfaction and money back guarantee is what many customers want
  • Make sure all parts of your listing are optimized