How to make a perfect Amazon Keyword Research with Tools?

Converting traffic to your listing is crucial for success on Amazon. Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click ads) is great but not always very cost efficient. The best traffic is free traffic. You can get lots of free traffic to your listing if you are ranking well on the most relevant search terms and if you rank well for many “long tail” search terms. Find out how in this article

How to find Keywords for Amazon: Step by Step Guide

Before you can rank well on all these keywords, you need to find them. Briefly speaking, you can do this by:

Keyword Tool Tips

  • using tools such as: Keyword Inspector, Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool Dominator, etc.;
  • Amazon related searches which appear on the search bar;
  • extracting relevant and converting keywords from the PPC search term reports.

After having this list of keywords, the next step is to sort out and delete the duplicates. You can do this using an excel sheet. On this list, you need now to filter the ones which do not relate to your product at all. This could take some time, depending on how long your list is and how pure you want the finished list to be. A great tool to do the last two steps of sorting is called Helium10.

Now you have a list of relevant (short and long tail) keywords. The main point from here is to get them indexed in your product listing and to have a high ranking for them.

There are a lot of rumors about the number of characters for keywords which are indexed. It is said that Amazon indexes only 450 characters.

The most important places to write your keywords are the following in the following order:

  • title
  • back end search terms
  • bullets
  • and description.


You may check if a specific keyword is indexed by entering that keyword and your products ASIN in the search field, for example:

“Earplugs B00P2NTVPA”. If you find your product in the search results that means that your product listing is indexed for the keyword you have entered.

Ongoing Work

Now your job is to rank well on all these keywords and to get lots of free converting traffic.