AMS Amazon – Marketing Service for Vendors: Visibility, Klick-Budget, Traffic

AMS (Amazon Marketing Service) is an advertising programme especially for Amazon Vendors. By using AMS (Amazon Marketing Service), Amazon Vendors are given the opportunity to increase the visibility of their products with the help of klick-budget which leads to more traffic on their products.

Amazon Marketing Service also known as AMS :

These services are the counterpart to the more common cost-per-click (CPC) services like Google uses it for example. Like this, Amazon has not only an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but also an SEA (Search Engine Advertising). Similar to Google, there are different ways how you, as a vendor, can decide how you want your advertisements to be presented. What makes this kind of advertising more successful you might ask.

Despite a lot of other benefits, the so-called “cross-selling” and “upselling” increase you online performance a lot.


“Cross-selling” are direct product recommendations which are formulated like “Frequently Bought Together” or Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought”. Amazon attributes up to 35 % of its revenue to cross selling.


“Upselling” has another approach: it offers customers other, more expensive, products. Important in this case is still to focus on the needs of the customers and not to make the price to high. If the customer wants to buy a new TV for 1200 € on Amazon, TVs, let’s assume, up 1400 € are offered to the customer and not TVs for 2000 €.

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