Amazon Marketplace: Find a product and sell

More and more people decide to sell on Amazon and start their career as an online seller. In Europe, there are several marketplaces, fulfilment and storage types to choose from before conquering new markets. Choosing the right marketplaces to sell is crucial for an online seller and proper storing can reduce your workload and automate the processes involved.

Selling on Amazon Europe

Traders or private sellers on Amazon are given the opportunity to sell their own products right next to Amazon’s own ware. Offering a product on the Amazon Marketplace is as long free of charge as long as the particular product is not sold, the registration at the beginning is free as well. Traders will search for the offered products – regardless if they are new or used. The process of ordering is not different from the orderings directly from Amazon. Amazon just passes on the payments.

Note: never transfer money directly to a Amazon Marketplace seller! Only paying by direct debit or credit card is safeguarded by Amazon.

Amazon marketplaces in Europe

  • (United Kingdom)
  • (Germany)
  • (France)
  • (Spain)
  • (Italy)

How can a seller find a product on the Amazon Marketplace?

In order to find the product, sellers can search either for the ISBN-Number if it is a book or for the ASIN of the article. If the articles of the Amazon Marketplace seller are not dispatched by Amazon, it is up to the seller to take care of the parcel and he is responsible for any questions.

The description of the product and the pricing is up to the sellers as well. When a product is sold on the Amazon Marketplace, the seller has to pay a fee to Amazon.

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Listing Optimization for success on Amazon

As the product listing is where potential customers find out about your product and decide if they should buy it, make sure to optimize your listing as much as even possible. Of course, sales numbers and positive reviews are crucial for success on Amazon but these part are often difficult to influence. But check out our articles on how to optimize your Amazon product listing.