Amazon Pantry is a delivery service: Workflow, Categories, Prime

Amazon Pantry is a delivery service for goods of the daily need such as groceries, cosmetics or animal food. To ensure that there are new supplies available round the clock and that these new supplies will be delivered, Amazon works together with different mail-order companies. In contrast to the US, Amazon Pantry within Europe is only available for members of Amazon Prime.

How does Amazon Pantry work?

You select your items in the Amazon Pantry Shop – all items which are available for this service are marked with a small logo. Now you fill your box and with every item you add, the space which is still available is shown to you in percent. This gives you a perfect overview on your Amazon Pantry Box. If you exceed 100 % a second box will be filled automatically. The measures of the box are 71,12 x 45.2 x 33,02 cm (28x18x13 inches), the highest weight which is allowed is 20 kg (44,09 lbs) and the shipping charges are usually 4,99 €.

How is Amazon Pantry categorised?

This service of Amazon is like a online supermarket which is divided into various sections.

These sections are:

  1. Food Cupboard
  2. Drinks
  3. Baby & Child
  4. Health & Beauty
  5. Household Supplies
  6. Pets

Even though these categories are a bit different in every country, the products are more or less the same.

In addition, Amazon Pantry offers customers shopping lists on which popular and best-selling products are already selected and combined with other products. Furthermore, there are wedding wish lists and baby wish lists you can publish, waiting to be completed by your friends and loved ones.