Amazon Reviewers: List, buying decision, increase turnover

Amazon Reviewers are the users of which evaluate products and the buys in general regularly. Amazon publishes a list of its top reviewers which review and rate their shopping experiences periodically.

Buying decision

These Amazon Reviews help other potential customers to make a buying decision especially if they haven’t bought any goods from the specific vendor so far. Not only the customers but also the vendors themselves get a feedback this way and if the feedback, or review, is positive it becomes a reference for the sellers as well.

Higher Turnover

Consequently, more customers will decide to buy the product and that leads of course to a higher turnover. Especially in the field of e-commerce, reviews are one of the most important factors for the intention to buy the product. The other way round, negative reviews on Amazon serve somehow as a warning not to buy the product and help buyers to avoid a negative shopping experience – this has of course an huge impact on the sales figures. In this context, not only the product itself but also the service, the shipping, and all processes involved in the buying process a crucial for the feedback.

List of Amazon Reviewers: username and number of reviews

the top reviewers on Amazon are divided into the position on the list, their usernames and the number of reviews he or she has published so far. The number of other users which valued the reviewers as “helpful” is decisive for the rank on the list.