How do I get Amazon Reviews? Forget fake reviews, try product testers

Shall I buy Amazon reviews?

You may have already heard about sellers who buy the reviews of their products and if you try to find these “services” online you can discover what you were looking for really quickly. As many sellers do not know how the Amazon ranking works, they think buying reviews is a good idea. Long story short, it is not. You are violating Amazon’s guidelines and therefore endangering your account, a risk not worth taking it. Furthermore, Amazon is increasingly looking for these fake reviews due to the fact that reviews are essential for Amazon and customers may not lose their trust in it.

There are a lot of forums, online marketplaces etc. where you can find people who are writing reviews for you products for payment – give that a wide berth.

Is there no way to get some reviews?

Amazon is all about reviews, trust and customer satisfaction. Is there a way to grant these principles on the one hand and get more reviews on the other hand? Yes there is!

Product testers are the key.

Product testers get products for a reduced price or even completely free of charge in exchange for a honest review. So even though a product tester gets a very expensive product for example, he can rate it with 1 star without any problems. Only if you have a good product you get a good review on Amazon. Additionally, in the review texts is has to be mentioned that the product was cheaper or free and for testing purposes. This is how you can collect reviews especially for the beginning in order to make you item(s) more successful.

How do I get these reviews?

There are different ways to find product testers:

  1. In special Facebook Groups which are all about testing Amazon products. You post you offer and a coupon → the tester will write to you and buy your product → you’ll get an honest
  2. There are more and more internet platform for product tester as well. These platform focus on not violating Amazon’s guidelines and are increasingly popular.
  3. Now the probably best solution: Amazon Vine

Go for product testers

Amazon Reviews: if you need more reviews go for product testers, above all for Amazon Vine.

Here you can find Amazon’s Top Reviewers.