Amazon Video: Streaming on Amazon, free for Amazon Prime customers

Developed, owned and operated by Amazon, Amazon Video is an Internet video on demand service which offers television series/shows and movies. You can either rent or purchase them and if you are a member of Amazon Prime, there are selected titles which can be exclusively viewed by Prime members or Prime Video member.

Quality Content on Amazon Video

There is also a lot of exclusive content to watch thanks to special deals Amazon has made to increase the variety, offers and the whole video service in general. In the United States for example, Amazon made a multi-year licensing deal with HBO. Amazon Video was launched on 7 September 2006 as “Amazon Unbox” in the US. Since then this service has grown a lot and thanks to Prime and the library getting bigger and bigger it has become a huge platform for video on demand.

LoveFilm was added

That was also the reason why it has been renamed as Amazon Instant Video and Demand. In 2011, LoveFilm was added to Amazon Video and because of that, three years later Prime Video became a part of Amazon Prime in the UK, in Germany and in Austria.

Amazon Video for Prime customers

At the end of last year, Amazon announced that there are plans to make Amazon Video available all round the world and on 14 December 2016, Amazon launched it globally – as part of the Prime services – in the UK, in Spain, in Italy, in Germany, in France, in Austria, in Belgium, in the US, in Brazil, in Canada, in India and in Japan.