I just sent my resume. What can I expect?

Your resume will be reviewed by the Talent Management team. If it does meet the requirements, we will contact you for an interview. If after 2 o 3 weeks since you sent your resume we have not contacted you, this means that your profile does not match what we are looking for at the moment. But this does mean we throw it away. We will for sure keep it in our records for future opportunities.

What’s the recruitment process like at Hellotax?

Once your resume is accepted, you will have a first interview with Carmen, the Talent Management Leader, to have an impression of who you are and how well we both could match. If this first phase is passed, you will then have a second interview with your specific leader, depending on the Department or Area the position belongs to. In some cases, you might need to have additional interviews with some other relevant people in the company. What we can assure you is that we will treat you well and we won’t ask weird questions such as what kind of superpowers you would like to have.

If I am not selected for the position, would I get feedback on how I can i improve?

If during the recruitment process you are not eventually selected, if you wish and ask for it, we can give you feedback that will help you improve for future interviews.

I meet all the requirements for the position, but you haven’t contacted me for an interview. Why?

Sometimes we get a large number of resumes for the same position. Therefore, although they might meet the requirements, we need to focus only on the ones that have a more
comprehensive profile. We would like to reply to all but not always do we have the time to do it. Please forgive us for this.