Data Hosting and Management Agreement

Scope of Agreement

The object of the contract is the agreement of a purposeful, suitable handling of all data provided by the customer or his representatives, created or provided by hellotax or service providers connected with hellotax.

Data Hosting

On behalf of the customer, the Provider collects, stores and processes transaction data with the aim of preparing them for VAT registration at the national tax offices.

Data Security & Protection

The provider takes appropriate measures to ensure data consistency and availability. When dealing with customer data, in particular transaction data of the customer, the Provider undertakes to take all precautions within the scope of his possibilities to ensure a secure handling of the data in the sense of the applicable data protection regulations.

Handling of confidential information

The Provider shall take appropriate measures to limit and control the processing and access to Confidential Information to the extent possible without limitation to the performance of the Agreement. All employees and service providers are subject to an internationally standardized NDA agreement. hellotax or hellotax Accountants or their directors, employees and partners as well as affiliated companies value the privacy of the customers and are separately informed about the confidentiality of the provided data. In particular, this includes all internal information about the customer’s products and their purchase prices, transaction data and trading volumes, tax data and tax volumes, as well as company-specific information obtained through individual support. Information which could come to the knowledge of a third party without restrictions of an NDA is excluded from this regulation.

Tax Letters

The provider offers an automatic solution for capturing incoming mail. Incoming mail is processed in accordance with the Tax Letter Agreement on behalf of the customer and made available digitally in the customer account. On request and against reimbursement of costs, the customer has the option of requesting the original letters by post within three (3) months upon receipt. The customer is responsible for monitoring his notifications and, if necessary, to support hellotax in a suitable manner in fulfilling the contract, in particular by providing supplementary documents.

Sharing data with controlled or associated companies

The Provider may use service providers for the performance of the contract. These are mainly companies controlled or affiliated to hellotax or its shareholders. A possible assignment of third parties remains unaffected.

Ownership of data

The Provider reserves the right to all transaction documents created by the Provider or its service providers. The customer may request additional documents within the framework of a tax audit in accordance with the provisions of these Terms & Conditions.


With the conclusion of the contract, the customer expressly agrees to the hellotax data protection regulations and approves the sending of contract-related e-mails, topic newsletters and partner offers. Personal data are processed exclusively according to the valid European data protection regulations.

Phone Recording: The customer agrees to the recording and storage of all calls made in connection with the provision of services and may request information on the stored data in accordance with data protection and these Terms & Conditions. Should the Customer not wish to consent to a recording, this provision shall remain in effect, however, the Customer shall be free to contact the Customer Service by e-mail in the implied act.

Services: The customer expressly agrees to the transfer of case-related data to the extent necessary to third parties and service partners or any related or dominated, an affiliated company, insofar as these are absolutely necessary for the provision of the service.

When selecting service partners, hellotax pays attention to compliance with the applicable data protection regulations. Customers have the option of concluding an data processing contract with hellotax. Please feel free to contact