German VAT Certificate (F22)

The F22 form is essential to prevent your Amazon account from being blocked and to continue selling fully tax compliant in out of Germany.

What is it?
When do I need it?

Since more and more countries make the operators of online selling platforms and marketplaces liable for VAT, sellers need to provide a proof of their VAT registration to those operators - in Germany, this is the F22 certificate.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The German VAT Certificate (F22) is a document you need to apply for and provide to online selling platform in order to be allowed to continue selling on this site. It is the proof for your VAT registration in Germany and the purpose is to avoid VAT fraud as many sellers were selling without a VAT ID and without paying VAT in the past.

After filling the application forms and sending it to the tax office, it usually takes about 1 week to receive the F22 certificate. Please note that this also depends on where your company is based (so which tax office is responsible for your application). Taking this into consideration, the application takes between 3 days and 2 weeks, still, the usual waiting time is 1 week.

Normally, you only would need it when having a German VAT number, so when your company is in Germany, when you reached the threshold limit or when you are storing goods in a German Amazon warehouse. However, Amazon does not know if you are only storing in Amazon warehouses or in other warehouses in Germany from other providers. Same with the threshold: Amazon knows your turnover on Amazon but not on other channels. That’s why many sellers were asked to provide it without being registered in Germany. 

If you do not have a German VAT number but you still need to provide the F22 certificate (for which you would need a German VAT number) there are basically 2 options: 

  1. You register for VAT in Germany and start storing there for example
  2. You send a voluntary statement, explain your situation and Amazon is likely to stop asking for the F22 certificate and you will still not be banned. It can happen that Amazon rejects this statement but in the past it was mostly no problem.

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