We are excited to announce that fbahero is now hellotax!

But of course, it’s not only about our name. We invested a lot of time, money, effort and energy to improve our services, develop our departments and ensure the best service possible.

This allows us to stay on top when it comes to VAT services for online sellers in Europe.

So what’s actually new?

Customer Support

Together with many great new team members from all around the world, our support team can respond as fast as never before. With personal account managers and customer support in various languages. (Contact support: support@hellotax.com)

Local Tax Accountants

Our team of highly-skilled tax erperts on site assist you with all your tax matters. They are directly on site and highly trained when it comes to taxation , VAT in Europe, Amazon, etc.

New Pricing

We changed our pricing model to offer one product that can be purchased on a yearly or on a monthly basis – for any marketplace(s) you want to expand to. The best service package for your needs.


Integrate your Amazon account and make use of the our Manual Order Upload. There will be further integrations in the future, like an API integration for developers.

Educational Content: Blog + Knowledge Base

Find useful articles and what Amazon sellers should know in our Taxation and Amazon blog. With even more quality content in our Knowledge Base, you always know what to do, how to do it, when and why.

New Website

The new hellotax website with its great design displays our changes in a userfriendly way and provides a lot of useful information. Besides that, we mainly focused on increasing the speed of it and ensure the best security and data protection mechanisms.

Coming soon…

Check out our website or get in touch with us to find out more about our new solutions.

With hellotax as trademark, we are still the same company and for the rebranding and in general, no data was given to third parties.