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Integrations ensure a faster and more practical use. Simply integrate your Amazon account in our software and import data with just one click.



The Amazon Integration allows you to get a direct connection between your Amazon Seller Account and your hellotax software account.


  • Import data from your Amazon account with a single click
  • Get full overview about all goods movements
  • Save time and never leave anything out again

Authorization before the Start

Visit Amazon services (developer), log in and authorize us:

  1. Settings
  2. User Permissions
  3. Third party developers and Apps

It’s required to have a professional (paid) Amazon Account to access the API settings.

Activate it in the software

Go to our software, click on the integration page and go to

  1. Settings
  2. User Permissions
  3. Manange your Apps
  4. Third party Developers and Apps
  5. Click “Authorize a Developer”

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