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  • Automated order fulfillment process: With automatic order import the warehouse can start fulfilling your orders in no-time
  • Optimized inventory management: Sync your inventory to track your stock levels in real-time in order to avoid stock-outs
  • Advanced order fulfillment options: With byrd you can easily create bundles (e.g. for seasonal promotions), flag products as organic or enable LOT & Expiry tracking for batches.
  • Maximum transparency: Monitor the order fulfillment process at the warehouse and beyond in real-time across all steps to keep full control over your logistics.
  • Powerful reporting: We combine hundreds of data points across the fulfillment process in order to provide detailed reports which help you to make data-based decisions.


Our proprietary all-in-one fulfillment software integrates within a few clicks with e-commerce systems, giving you the possibility to follow a multi-channel strategy. The fully integrated fulfillment solution enables auto-order import, real-time inventory tracking and shipment tracking synchronization, so that the order status gets updated. Customers love byrd because of our advanced warehousing and fulfillment services:

  • Flexible cross-border warehousing:
  • Customized order fulfillment:
  • Through cooperation with various shipping service providers, we can offer a variety of delivery options such as: next-day delivery, express shipping or economy shipping, climate-neutral shipping.

Company Description

byrd is a tech-driven third-party logistics and fulfillment company on a mission to revolutionise the logistics industry. By building a strong fulfillment network with experienced and qualified logistics service providers, we offer online retailers access to scalable fulfillment services that enable growth and bring online retailers closer to their customers. We are currently operating in Germany, Austria, UK, France and in the Netherlands.

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