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Rugs, Furnitures, Metal wall decors, Home Appliances, Lightings are our focus products. We sell our partners products that we work together on the other hand we help company to grow in e-commerce business. They can send their products with our shipping quotes and they can use our warehouses in all over the world. And also we sell their products in global marketplaces. 

We have 3 main part;

  • Air Freights
  • E-commerce
  • Warehouses

On the other hand we are partner company of Forie web site there are thousands company that we can help in e-commerce business.

Company Description

ETG Express A.S. is Antalya Turkey based company. We sell our partners products to the Whole World Discover the easiest way to reach the most suitable suppliers for your products in global markets and to reduce your expenses. Send Your Products to the World at the Most Affordable Prices Send your shipments to the whole world at the most affordable prices, whether by Air Cargo, Road, Train and Ship Transportation. Storage and Fulfillment Services In addition to stock tracking and storage service, we manage and direct your products returned from all over the world for you. We Manage Your Accounts and Products in Global Marketplaces We enable you to sell in Global marketplaces such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Etsy, Wish, Ebay, Facebook, Instagram, Shopify. We Are Opening Our B2B Export Networks”

We are also member of DEIK and TIM in Turkey, we are making a lot of webinars in our business groups and in universities in Turkey and in Eastern Europe ( Litvania, Latvia and Estonia.)

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