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Most business owners do not know how Amazon search engines work, or how many prospects are looking for their company or product every day. We can help get your business in front of more potential customers resulting in more demand for your products


Are your product sales on Amazon feeling stuck? Afraid that you will not be able to move your product on the world’s largest marketplace?

Then you should know about the one thing that determines success on Amazon, listing optimisation!

Your product title, details and description, as well as the images and technical information, have to all be optimised to maximise your Amazon ranking!

I have put together everything you need to get started in my FREE “Ultimate Amazon Listing Checklist.”

Download it here and find out how you can increase your sales with simple tweaks to your listing!

I can also help you review your listing, and identify ways in which you can make changes to different aspects of your listing to further boost your sales or get of a rut.


Lucid is a digital marketing agency specialising in Amazon consultancy services. 

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