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We help e-commerce entrepreneurs unlock growth capital by providing a new and unique inventory solution that will make sure online sellers won’t fall into a trap that is bad cash-flow management. We buy your stock from your supplier for you, you pay us in more realistic payment terms or about 2 weeks interval, we deliver your inventory to you, ready for selling. Our vision is to democratize inventory funding and make it easily available to online sellers, wherever they are in the world, whether their business is big or small, private label or a wholesale store, with no credit checks and personal guarantees.


Our main vision is for e-commerce to completely be capital free for e-commerce entrepreneurs. We’re an inventory solution provider for Amazon Sellers anywhere in the world. Our unique approach in inventory funding is by purchasing sellers’ stock from their suppliers with a commission rate starting at 1.5% of the unit retail price, to be paid in smaller batches at a more realistic payment terms. Our program is a way better alternative to bulk orders which may require you paying full up front. This allows e-commerce entrepreneurs like you to channel both your capital and attention to other important things like Marketing efforts, or launching a new line of product. 


We are a Singapore based FinTech startup, born in Antler, having a founding team with financial engineering and e-commerce experience. Our growing team is global, being located in different parts of the world, which gives us easier access to our market.  We are backed up by years of experience in Investment, and Risk Management, Logistic and Freight. The members of Nimble have worked with big companies and industry leaders across three different continents.

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