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OnBuy is a ‘true marketplace’, because it doesn’t sell any of its own products. Sellers are able to list products in a catalogue system spanning thousands of categories – everything from electricals and beauty to homeware, toys and baby supplies – with the aim of enjoying success on their own terms.

With an ever-increasing buyer base of millions, OnBuy is expanding worldwide to help sellers scale up, whatever level their business is at. Features such as Boost, OnBuy’s risk-free ad service, and Sale Price, to easily discount products, give sellers control over how they market to buyers.

OnBuy is partnered with PayPal, offering sellers additional security along with improved cash flow, as funds are released the moment an item is dispatched.

New sellers are onboarded personally onto OnBuy and their UK-based support team is available to every user selling through the marketplace.

Company Description

OnBuy.com is the world’s fastest-growing marketplace. With a fair, transparent and ethical approach, OnBuy doesn’t compete with its sellers by selling products itself – instead, it focuses on helping sellers grow their businesses. Based in the UK with millions of buyers, OnBuy is expanding into over 140 additional countries worldwide before the end of 2023, starting with 42 sites in 2020.

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