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With Payhawk, companies have real-time control of all company credit cards, employee budgets and expenses, invoices, and missing receipts – the All-in-One solution to digitize the whole card and expense management and pre-accounting processes.

What our customers say, what the pain points are, that Payhawk resolves:

  • Different and cumbersome processes with various IT solutions to manage company credit cards, manual employee reimbursements and invoice handling, 
  • Lack of transparency and control over employee spending,
  • Large manual work and effort to reconcile and match each transaction with receipts in the accounting department,
  • Chasing missing payment receipts and documents.


We are Payhawk – the financial system of tomorrow. We help finance leaders manage credit cards, payments, expenses, cash management, and pre-accounting automation into one integrated experience.  Payhawk is used by small and large businesses in more than 19 European countries. We have offices in London, Berlin, Sofia and Barcelona.

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