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Our purpose is partnering your growth, helping you stay compliant, helping you make sense of your business performance, markets, and economic environment, and providing the insight you need to break through and achieve sustainable growth.

We don’t want to hear from you only when your returns are due; we are always at your side. You are our priority, and your success is the fuel that motivates us. Sign up with R Johnson today and acquire a partner for life.

We use technology effectively in the delivery of our work, always looking for improvements in how we deliver services and the quality of our interactions with clients.


R Johnson Ltd is a reliable and efficient cloud accounting firm that harnesses technology effectively to ensure quality services. Our team of skilled and dedicated professionals offers the most optimum solutions to our diverse client base at fixed prices. We ensure that every client is always equipped with the financial information they need to make informed decisions to grow their business successfully.

We believe that communication is vital, and our customized services will help you gain a better understanding of your business performance aiding decision-making and running general operations. Our rigorous analysis and market insight mean you can budget better and weather any market or industry downturns. Our cloud-based solutions mean that you have access to any accounting information any time you want. Moreover, we help you stay on top of all financial developments and regulations, so you remain compliant and fulfill all regulatory obligations.

We take pride in our proactive approach as well as in our prompt service and attention to detail. Customers that sign up to our subscription-based products get free XERO, Receipt Bank, and Fluidly accounts as well as the R Johnson app.

We offer a cloud accounting solution at fixed prices that allows our customers to have their accounting information up-to-date and available in real-time. Our customers are always equipped with the financial information they need to make informed decisions to grow their business, and we keep them up to date with their compliance requirements, making penalties a thing of the past.

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