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We are a consultancy firm with registered lawyers, patent and trademark attorneys and e-commerce and digital marketing specialists. We can assist our clients on buying or selling Amazon accounts, and follow-up procedures in brand registry.

Our services always start with a due diligence to provide a better scope on our clients’ needs. After the due diligence procedure, we advise on a strategy that can be set to achieve the targets of the Amazon Account. After setting the strategy, we document the current status quo and set key results to reach the targeted status. Our clients will be growing in a strategic path, and in every part of their development we will continue to assist their corporate structure, legal structure, brand, marketing and advertising strategies and sales.

Company Description

Our company has started its operations with legal technologies. We create innovative solutions to create the best for our clients. Our scope of services include e-commerce, trademark, patent, brand optimizations and data protection


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