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The SellerLogic portfolio includes two dynamic tools for Amazon sellers that can be connected to the seller account with just a few clicks. Both solutions save Amazon sellers a lot of time while automatically optimizing prices, sales and profits!


SellerLogic Repricer

Always in the Buy Box – with the highest price possible

Win and keep the Amazon Buy Box – not with the lowest price, but with the highest price possible! Our price adjustment system works with a dynamic algorithm that optimizes your prices not only based on your competition’s price changes, but also while taking into account their seller performance.

SellerLogic Lost & Found

Automatically identify refund claims from your FBA processes

Lost & Found helps you to enforce all your refund claims against Amazon by analyzing every FBA transaction for anomalies and presenting all identified errors to you clearly. Even errors that occurred up to 18 months retrospectively can be identified easily and without affecting your workflows.


SellerLogic’s mission is to develop new, smart and forward-looking solutions for the ever-growing e-commerce industry. According to t3n, SellerLogic’s tools are among the guarantors of success on the Amazon marketplace. Our own experience and customer feedback helps us to develop the most efficient solutions, enabling us to grow with our customers and them to achieve their goals with us.

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