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Product Manager is the expert-level keyword research in minutes using competition research, keyword manager, listing manager.

Chrome Extension is your All-In-One toolbox for Amazon success. Check your sales, send gift cards, or request reviews with one click – FREE with a Seller.Tools subscription. Use the ticker to access information without leaving Amazon, such as Total Amazon Traffic, your daily sales data, or you can even send payments and gift card directly from Amazon or any other website.

Competition Research can happen in two ways: either by entering the product name (keyword or phrase) or by entering the ASIN number. When searching for the competition user will see the important stats/data that will help him determine if certain product could be a competition for his product or not.

Wallet In one place the Seller.Tools Wallet allows add, manage and send funds to customers. Have a promotion, loyalty or giveaway offer campaign running? We’ve got you covered. What’s better? You can automate sending funds to the right customer, right when you want to. PayPal, Venmo, Amazon Gift Cards, Visa Gift Cards and even our exclusive Pick Reward Link. Let your customers choose from 100+ different retailers for the gift card of their choice. Including Target, Starbucks and more!

Alerts See changes in real time with Alerts. A customized surveillance system, right in your Seller.Tools dashboard. Avoid profit-draining mistakes and oversights by never missing changes for: ReviewAble status, Color Variations, Title Changes, Weight Changes, BSR for ASIN, Adult Product Attribution, Presence of Hijackers, Buy Box Status, Price, …and more!

Company Description

Seller.Tools is an optimization and automation platform for FBA sellers, providing world-class tools and solutions to manage Amazon businesses. This all-in-one platform with over ten unique tools provides solutions for keyword research, listing management, product ranking, review capture, and overall business automation. Built by a team of 7&8-figure Amazon earners, Seller.Tools provides cutting-edge tools, resources, and data for expert-level FBA sellers.

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