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THE KEITH & EVEN GROUP provides a wide range of professional consulting services to global citizens, corporations, and other related agencies. Our services include but are not limited to overseas assets management, immigration, international business travel, education, lifestyle, industrial medical supplies, and intercontinental business operations.


Immigration: THE KEITH & EVEN GROUP focuses on the most attractive residence programs in the world with consideration to quality of life, mobility, taxation, privacy, and security.

Asset management: Along with Opes Capital, providing investment and wealth retention with the highest degree of service.

Travel: TKEG works with major airlines to make every journies smooth and feel like home. From a general first-class suite ticket, chartered service, to buying or renting a private jet.

Internship: From Nasdaq to JP Morgan, from McKinsey to Deloitte, from the United States Congress to the European Parliament. TKEG helps you make everything smooth and enjoy this unique experience.

Company registration: Register your company, handle accounting, file taxes, and open a business account online.

Corporate and personal bank account: Whether you are planning to invest or buy property abroad, there will be a lot of things that you need to prepare with different timelines and priorities. To make sure you’re off to a good start, TKEG helps you connect thought the HSBC global network, from wherever you are, to the rest of the world.

Private equity consulting: We discover value by identifying great deals with untapped potential and enhancing performance.

Supports for government clients: FDA and CE certified, KN95, N95, Surgical Masks, Ventilator and everything you’ll need.  TKEG’s resources go beyond the manufactories, from end to end, from country to country, from life to life.


TKEG operates via a number of legal entities across the world. Our principal company, THE KEITH & EVEN GROUP Limited, is a private limited company incorporated in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

TKEG has a matrixed management structure. The Group is organised firstly according to its global businesses and global support functions. These are underpinned by our legal entity structure, which is made up by a global network of locally incorporated subsidiary companies that provide oversight at a country and regional level.

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