Partner Letter:
Partnership Introduction

Dear {customer},

Tax compliance for ecommerce businesses operating in Europe is not simple. Different countries have different VAT rates and thresholds, registrations rules, and VAT returns deadlines. We know dealing with all of this is a challenge for you, while finding a trustworthy tax consultant is not much easier, either.

After a thorough research on the market, we decided to partner up with hellotax – a company with 5 years of experience in automating VAT compliance for online sellers. They support thousands of ecommerce businesses solving their tax issues in Europe. hellotax provides all the services you might need, from VAT registrations to VAT returns, through convenient subscriptions starting at €99/month.

In addition to the great standard pricing hellotax offers, we have negotiated for you a 10% discount on your first year, if you apply coupon {partner coupon} at the check-out when purchasing your VAT subscription(s).


{Partner name}