Tax Letter Inbox: the hellotax official correspondence tool

Get your letters from the authorities scanned, translated and sorted in your inbox. The first AI and OCR based letter processing engine!

Our Tax Letter Inbox makes handling official correspondence easier than ever before.


Receiving and scanning the letter

Beginning of processing.

When our Tax Letter Inbox receives letters and documents from the tax authorities, its OCR mechanism starts working. This system for optical character recognition makes a document out of it which can be edited and processed by the engine – no matter from which country it is from.

Understanding and translating(AI)

Recognizing and translating the letter.

Our AI-based recognition software processes the now “readable” content and thanks to the implemented database, the translation process can begin. It provides an idiomatic translation of the documents and displays the data in your mother tongue.


Summarizing and extracting

Collecting the relevant information.

The processes of understanding and translating the letters are done and now the software summarizes the content within those documents and extracts all relevant information so further steps can be taken – all clear and at a glance.

Completing and deploying

Finishing the process – providing relevant data.

Our Tax Letter Inbox has processed the official correspondence it received, the translations are complete, the relevant information is extraced and clearly displayed. Now you and/or your accountants have the perfect overview on deadlines, duties, etc.


The local accounts team of hellotax

A team of on-site tax experts takes care of the procedures.

By processing over 5000 letters we’ve built a simple but smart AI-based letter engine that is able to read, understand and translate governmental letters.

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Get help on expanding your FBA

November 17th, 2016

“I am expanding my Amazon Seller business to Europe so I was searching for someone that could help with translations (then I found out I also needed VAT number)…
I got personal consultancy for free in the first place. That is when I’d learned that I needed to ask for a VAT number. How I could save money on my product imports and how I could sort out the filings for this sales tax.” … more

Senior Project Manager in Munich

November 30th, 2017

“I had the opportunity to work in project management the whole last year and the working environment was really great. You can feel the Startup Spirit”.

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