VAT Threshold for France

To stay tax compliant is of course one of the most important things for online businesses. Founding a company, storing goods, and several other reasons might make a VAT registration necessary. Also the reaching of an annual distance selling threshold limit gives you this duty. The following article show what the VAT Threshold France is all about.

Actual VAT Threshold Limit: France

Selling abroad and reaching the annual distance selling limit require a VAT registration in the respective country. Of course, there are several other reason but now we focus on distance selling and on the annual VAT threshold limit of France.


When you are selling your goods from a warehouse in Germany to customers all over Europe, the VAT registration is only necessary if the annual threshold limit of the country you are selling to is reached. Threshold Limit France: when importing from Germany to France for example, the annual threshold limit is 35 000€. After reaching this amount you will need to get a French VAT number

Threshold Limit in France in USD & EUR

VAT Threshold Limit France~ $38 00035 000€

If your are selling below the thresholds, you won’t need to register for VAT. However, as soon as it reached, a VAT registration, returns and filings are also necessary. Of course, it’s still worth doing it but you shouldn’t forget about the tax duties. Or you let us do the work.