VAT Threshold in Germany

Many FBA sellers in Europe start their career on the German Amazon market. Therefore, they do have a German VAT number. Sellers who are based elsewhere and are only selling their products from abroad to Germany (distance selling) need to get a VAT registration if they reach the annual threshold limit. Find out more in this article.

VAT Threshold Limit for Germany

There are several reasons that lead to VAT duties in a country. A VAT registration is required in some cases, for example when reachin the annual threshold limit for distance selling. That means when the value of goods sold to a country via distance selling has reached the annual limit of the country of import within one calendar year. Example for VAT Treshold Limit of Germany:

You are an online seller based in the UK and sell to several European countries. With the products you sell online to Germany are worth 50 000€. No problem. As soon as the annual threshold is 100 000€ you need to register for VAT in Germany. The annual VAT threshold limit for Germany is 100 000€.

Threshold Limit Germany in USD & EUR

VAT Threshold Limit Germany~ $108 000 100 000€

If your are selling below the thresholds, you won’t need to register for VAT. However, as soon as it reached, a VAT registration, returns and filings are also necessary. Of course, it’s still worth doing it but you shouldn’t forget about the tax duties. Or you let us do the work.