VAT Threshold in Italy

What tax duties has an online sellers that is selling from Italy abroad to other European countries? As there are certain threshold limits within one calendar year for every European country, knowing when additional VAT numers are required is crucial. The VAT Threshold limit for Italy is what this post is about.

VAT Threshold Limit: Italy

Storing in a country, having a business there or similar issues can required to have a local VAT number. So can reaching the annual threshold limit via Distance Selling. That means if the amount of goods you sell within a foreign country reaches a certain limit, a VAT registration is necessary. Here is an example of VAT Threshold Limit Italy:

You are an online seller based in Germany and sell to several European countries. Let’s assume you reach Italy’s annual threshold limit for distance selling, which is 35 000€. At this moment you need to get a VAT number to be able to take care of your future fiscal tasks. Getting it a bit earlier than when finally reaching it is highly recommended.

Threshold Limit Italy in USD & EUR

VAT Threshold Limit in Italy~$38 00035 000€

Selling below the thresholds means that no VAT registration is required. However, in case of reaching the threshold in some countries you have to consider to get a VAT number in these countries. The hellotax software gives a full overview on all threshold limits, VAT registrations and reports.