VAT Threshold in Poland 2019

FBA sellers in Europe are constantly growing their businesses and the next expansion is often only a few steps aways. Unfortunately, with entering new markets, the need of addition VAT registration is becoming relevant as well. You can sell from one country to others within Europe, but as soon as you reach the annual VAT threshold limit of a country, a VAT registration in this country is required. This article gives an overview on the annual VAT threshold limit in Poland.

VAT Threshold Limit 2019: Poland

As you might know, there are several reasons which require a proper VAT registration. That can be storing in the coutnry, setting up a business or simply reaching the annual threhshold limit via distance selling.

What does that mean?

Exporting goods as an online seller to certain countries won’t lead to the necessity of a VAT registration as long as the annual threshold limit of the country of import isn’n reached. As soon as the annual limit is reached, you need to get a VAT number in the country of import.

Let’s assume your are a seller who is based in Germany and who wants to sell to Poland. The German VAT number is all you need as long the Polish VAT threshold limit of about 37 000€ isn’t reached. As soon as you reach this figure due to distance selling, you need VAT number in Poland as well (so now in Germany and in Poland).

Further registrations will be required for each additional country in which you reach the annual threshold limit.

Check out the Polish Threshold Limits (PLN, EUR, USD)

In ZlotyEuroUS-Dollar
VAT Threshold Limit Poland160 000PLN~37 000€~$41 000