Case Study: Maxant Buttons

David Reed, CEO of Maxant Buttons, recalls the history of his company and how he expanded to Europe.

Maxant Buttons and the cooperation with hellotax

Since 2014, David Reed is the CEO of Maxant Buttons, an American company that dates back to the 1960s.

I really recommend working with hellotax.

David Reed

The producers of buttons and buckles focus on American raw materials and on keeping their manufacturing in the US. With the aim of supporting the local workers and having an positive impact on the local job market.

From US to Europe

At the beginning, David Reed was mainly selling on Amazon US and directly to retailers. About 3 years ago, he decided to expand to the European marketplaces to reach millions of new potential customers. He started on Amazon UK and took care of the registration himself: un undertaking that has turned out to be more complex than expected.

The majority of Amazon sellers who expand to Europe want to focus on more than just one country: as there have been issues with the first registration, looking for a vat service provider was the logical consequence. That’s how the cooperation with hellotax has started.

The cooperation ever since has tuned out to be profitable for both sides and we hope that we can accompany him on his further way. We are convinced to have created a valuable partnership and we wish David Reed all the best for the future.