Case Study: SNOCKS

Johannes Kliesch, founder of SNOCKS, tells about hisexperience with hellotax.

SNOCKS and the cooperation with hellotax

Johannes Kliesch has founded his company SNOCKS together with his cousin Felix Bauer in 2016.

During their studies, both wanted to have financial freedom while being self-employed and be their own boss. They tried various products and at the end they came up with something that made them successfull online sellers: socks.

With increasing success and turnover, SNOCKS is constantly growing. Naturally, the product range has become bigger as well and underwear, insoles and care products are only an extract of the SNOCKS product line.

Along with their growth as fba sellers, they wanted to enter new markets. That means not only selling in Germany but selling and storing across Europe with PAN EU. At this time, hellotax came into the play.

hellotax, an awesome thing.. and keep it up!

Johannes has done a lot of research on various channels and decided to choose hellotax. After being asked what he likes best about our service, he stated that now, as their accountant has access to the hellotax vat automation software, all reports and vat filings are available after one data upload.


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Tips for new entrepreneurs

Johannes motto – “Just do it.”

“By working step by step and facing the Amazon challenges, starting with a product, selling it, not thinking about it too much and about possible penalty fees. It’s just about not losing your courage. SNOCKS also started with one product and one ASIN and meanwhile we have nearly 300 ASINs on 3-4 marketplaces worldwide. Don’t lose courage and believe in yourself. This is how you can achieve everything.

I would like to express in any case a praise to Christoph. If anything happened, he was always on the spot and I could always write him on Skype. I also appreciate that he always answers questions in all groups. In comparison to big companies, you really do some great informative work and take care of ALL processes and steps that are required.” Johannes Kliesch

The customer’s statement is based on the experience of former customer relations. At present, there is no longer an upright customer relationship.