Case Study: Weekview

Nikolaus Obersteiner, CEO of Weekview, gives insights into his company and talks about his journey as an online seller.

Weekview and the cooperation with hellotax

The story of Weekview begins in 2004 when Nikolaus Obersteiner wondered whether he would like to take another and completely different path in life. It was now or never.

At first, he wanted to work in the consulting industry, but then things started to change. As someone who worked in the field of project management and project development for a long time, dealing with time and schedules is an issue he was confronted with on a daily basis.

Mr. Obersteiner has often asked himself where the 7-day week comes from. The year is determined by the sun, the month by the moon, the day by the rotation of the earth…. and where does the week with its 7 days come from? Even if it obviously has its roots in the bible, Nikolaus Obersteiner was aware that the 7-day week can be the key to something more special.

We no longer have to worry about being on the safe side

Then he checked whether someone else in the field of time management had ever tried to use the week as an entity. That was not the case. So it was clear that if there is nobody, you have to do it. That’s how it all started and that’s how the first calendar for 2011 was created in 2010. The one that was really week-oriented. So the daily life is not divided into 30 days or 12 months, but into 52 weeks. After 7 years, we ourselves realized more and more the benefits of this concept.

Every beginning is hard

At first, Weekview tried to sell in book and stationery stores. That was rather difficult as they could only offer the calendar and not really present their USP.

The solution? Selling via Amazon, on big platforms where you can provide many people online with pictures, tutorials and a clear message. This is rather difficult in a physical store. So Amazon was the perfect place to get in touch with the customer.

Mr. Obersteiner explains that “It was clear that we would not do this alone. We are not accountants but developers and producers. For Germany, it was already possible, but for the other countries it made sense to look for a partner.

In the beginning, we chose a service provider that was recommended by Amazon – but working with them was quite a fiasco. Then we were looking for someone in the German-speaking area and decided for you, because you made a much more solid impression compared to a competitor who would have come into consideration.

The support from you was very good and we really wanted to cover the Europen market. The close contact is also a very big advantage – which has become more and more apparent in the course of time. We are grateful for the competence and for the comprehensive advice, or rather that everything is from one source…that is a big advantage.”

How hellotax could help

“On the one hand there is transparency about what is going on, what and how much is being sold in which country.

This does not only make it easier but we have also heard from many sellers that have had enormous problems with it. It is a safety factor: We no longer have the concern to be in the legal green area. In addition, of course, there is the fact that we have less to do. But above all, the feeling that we are legally on the safe side.”

Concluding, Mr. Obersteiner gave a few tips for new entrepreneurs: “the first thing you should know: do I want that? You have to be sure before you can get started. In the beginning you will never know everything, but that is fine.

It is also important to find the right people to help you. Many people just want to rip you off. You also need a sense of which business partners you want to get involved with. You’re happy for any kind of enthusiasm that’s honest today because it’s no longer taken for granted and many people just want to get your money.

The personal commitment of hellotax was great. You notice that they are working on it, you know each other, you understand each other. This personal level is very important for me. It’s very helpful and to gain the trust is also not self-evident and it needs a time to see that someone keeps his word. We could always rely on hellotax.” (orig. in German)