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Snocks UG

Johannes Kliesch, Founder

hellotax, an awesome thing and.. keep it up!” Johannes Klietsch and his cousin have founded SNOCKS in 2016 and their success story ever since speaks for itself. We are glad to have accompanied Johannes on his way to where he is now. Their business is a perfect example of what can be achieved with enough passion, innovative thinking, the right sales channels and the ideal business partners.

PAN EU Amazon Seller eBay Seller FBA & Online

Maxant Buttons – since 1960

David Reed, CEO

Maxant Buttons is an US-American company that is selling buckles and buttons on its eBay and Amazon channels in the US and in Europe. After CEO David Reed wanted to expand to the European markets, hellotax took care of his vat registrations and filings to ensure tax compliance and to reduce his workload – with success.

PAN EU Amazon Seller eBay Seller FBA & Online

Weekview – Innovative Zeitplanung

Nikolaus Obersteiner, CEO

Nikolaus Obersteiner from Weekview gave us insight into his innovative time management tools, the history of his company, the challenges, how hellotax could help and what new entrepreneurs should keep in mind to grow their business. Listen to our exclusive podcast or read the full article.

Get help on expanding your FBA

November 17th, 2016

“I am expanding my Amazon Seller business to Europe so I was searching for someone that could help with translations (then I found out I also needed VAT number)…
I got personal consultancy for free in the first place. That is when I’d learned that I needed to ask for a VAT number. How I could save money on my product imports and how I could sort out the filings for this sales tax.” … more

Senior Project Manager in Munich

November 30th, 2017

“I had the opportunity to work in project management the whole last year and the working environment was really great. You can feel the Startup Spirit”.

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