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How to get your VAT OSS Report

Connect your Amazon account or upload your sales report into the software so you can provide the data needed for your VAT OSS report.

Our software will analyze the sales information you provided and will generate a ready-to-file VAT OSS Report you can then submit to the authorities.

Now you’re ready to file your report. Alternatively, we can do the filing as well, you only need to opt for the VAT OSS Reports & Filings package.

VAT OSS Reports advantages

Why our OSS Reports are beneficial for your business.


Data is prepared and ready-to-file, following the One-Stop-Shop demands and standards.


All your sales reports will be analyzed and included into a unique report you can then submit to the authorities.


All applicable VAT rates are automatically detected by our software and reflected in your report.


You can generate your ready-to-file VAT OSS report in any EU country you need.


Your VAT OSS ready-to-file reports are available for the lowest fees in the market: 49€/month or 490€/year.


Additionally, you can opt for OSS Registrations, OSS Returns & Filings, VAT Registrations and VAT Returns.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, only cross border B2C (Business to consumer) sales will be included in your VAT OSS report.

Yes, you need to report domestic sales in the standard country VAT return. And if you store in other countries you need to report those countries domestic sales as well in their local vat reports.

Yes, we can help you register for VAT OSS in the following countries: Italy, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, and Ireland. Order your VAT OSS registration here.

Yes, your report needs to match with the VAT OSS structure. It needs to cover all your B2C cross-border sales from all the dispatching countries and we can provide you with the ready-to-file report for all countries and also file it for you in Italy, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, and Ireland.

The VAT OSS report can be filed by anyone that you have registered authorisation for (in some countries you might be limited to authorising only licenced accountants or tax advisors).
We can do this for you in the following countries: Italy, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, and Ireland.

Yes, starting from 1st July 2021 all sales to these countries can be reported in the VAT OSS report. If you register for OSS then you will be able to deregister your VAT ID in the countries where you do not store.

No, you can stay with standard reporting but this will mean that you might have to register in all EU states in which you sell your products to.
There are no longer individual distance sales thresholds starting the 1st of July 2021, instead there is a single distance selling threshold of 10,000 euro for Europe, applying to EU sellers only.

To minimize your administrative costs it is advised to use the VAT OSS reporting option. Book a free consultation to find out what suits best to you.

Yes, non-EU companies can choose the country in which they will get registered for VAT OSS, the only condition is that they have a standard VAT registration in that country.

No, in the VAT OSS report we include only B2C sales. B2B transactions would be reported via the standard way. Read more about VAT OSS regulations here.

Yes, you need to report B2B cross-border transactions (Intracommunity transactions) in the EC list. OSS is just for B2C transactions.

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