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How it works

Knowing when the next tax returns and VAT filings are due is crucial. That’s why you have everything in one place when using hellotax and that’s why we provide a real-time overview.

Automate filings with our software and get informed when a deadline is soon to come or when a payment is due.

We check all information for accuracy and completeness in two ways. 1. Our AI engines in the software checks data in the first place and 2. our tax accountants are the final quality control.

You will always receive notifications whenever there are any payments to make, things to consider or deadlines to meet.

All report types for all European marketplaces

  • Umsatzsteuer-Vorameldung
  • Umsatzsteuerjahreserklärung
  • Zusammenfassende Meldung
  • Intrastat Meldung
  • quarterly VAT return
  • Plik JKP-VAT
  • Deklaracja VAT-7; Deklaracja VAT-7K (quarterly)
  • Informacja podsumowująca VAT-UE
  • Deklaracja Intrastat Przywóz (inbound ); Deklaracja Intrastat Wywóz (outbound)
  • Déclaration et paiement de la TVA
  • Demande de remboursement de crédit de TVA
  • Déclaration d’Échanges de Biens (DEB)
  • Comunicazione liquidazione periodica IVA (LIPE)
  • Dichiarazione annuale IVA
  • Dichiarazione Intrastat degli acquisti e delle vendite
  • Přiznání k dani z přidané hodnoty
  • Kontrolní hlášení DPH
  • Souhrnná hlášení
  • Intrastat
  • Declaración mensual de IVA
  • Declaración resumen anual de IVA
  • Declaración informatiiva recapitulativa de operaciones intracomunitarias
  • Declaración informativa anual de operaciones con terceras personas (form 347)
  • Umsatzsteuer-Vorameldung
  • Umsatzsteuerjahreserklärung
  • Zusammenfassende Meldung
  • Intrastat Meldung
  • BTW- en ICP-rapportages, maandelijks en driemaandelijks
  • Intrastat-aanmeldingen
  • Moms-deklaration: månadsvis, kvartalsvis, årligen
  • EC: månadsvis eller kvartalsvis
  • Intrastat-anmälningar


David Reed: „I really recommend working with hellotax!“ Since 2014, David Reed is the CEO of Maxant Buttons, an American company that dates back to the 1960s. The producers of buttons and buckles focus on American raw materials and on keeping their manufacturing in the US to have a positive impact on the local job market. Since he decided to start selling on the European market, hellotax is the tax consultant of his confidence.

David Reed


Weekview reinvented time-management in the 21st century. We are happy that we could accompany him on his way. Nikolaus Obersteiner: "The support from you was very good, the close contact is also a very big advantage – which has become more and more apparent in the course of time. We are grateful for the competence and for the comprehensive advice and that everything is from one source."

Nikolaus Obersteiner​


Frequently Asked Questions

You synchronize your Amazon seller account with our software, based on the transactions pulled from the Amazon seller account, reports are created and based on these reports VAT returns will be made.

You will receive an email notification and you will also be notified in your hellotax software account when new returns or other reports are received or have to be filed.

You will be notified in your VAT returns menu in the software how to proceed with payments. Generally speaking, whenever a payment has to be made from your side you will be notified in time.


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