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We have made it our goal to automate European taxation processes as much as possible. Let us take care of your vat filings and registrations – fully automated and always on time.

VAT Received Step 1: Receipt of tax documents Report Created Step 2: Creation of the reports Quality Control Step 3: Quality control by our experts and software Return Filed Step 4: Filing of the Return Paid Step 5: Payment Overview - possible need for action Due Step 6: Schedule Overview for payment - possible need for action
  • Returns in time
  • VAT returns made
  • Millions of VAT paid

All report types for all European marketplaces

  • Dokumente


    • Umsatzsteuer - Vorameldung
    • Umsatzsteuerjahres- erklärung
    • Zusammenfassende Meldung
    • Intrastat Meldung
  • Documents

    United Kingdom

    • VAT return
    • EC Sales List
    • UK Intrastat Supplementary Declarations
  • Documents


    • Déclaration et paiement de la TVA
    • Demande de remboursement de crédit de TVA
    • Declaration d’Echanges de Biens
  • Documenti


    • Comunicazione liquidazione periodica IVA (LIPE)
    • Dichiarazione annuale IVA
    • Comunicazione dei dati delle fatture emesse e ricevute
    • Dichiarazione Intrastat degli acquisti e delle vendite
  • Documentos


    • Declaración trimestral/mensual de IVA
    • Declaración resumen anual de IVA
    • Declaración informatiiva recapitulativa de operaciones intracomunitarias
    • Declaracióninformativa anual de operaciones con terceras personas
  • Dokumenty


    • Plik JKP-VAT
    • Deklaracja VAT-7; Deklaracja VAT-7K (quarterly)
    • Informacja podsumowująca VAT-UE
    • Deklaracja Intrastat Przywóz (inbound ); Deklaracja Intrastat Wywóz (outbound)
  • Dokument

    Czech Repulic

    • Přiznání k dani z přidané hodnoty
    • Kontrolní hlášení DPH
    • Souhrnná hlášení
    • Intrastat
  • Dokumente


    • Umsatzsteuer - Vorameldung
    • Umsatzsteuerjahres- erklärung
    • Zusammenfassende Meldung
    • Intrastat Meldung

VAT return overview

Never lose track.

Knowing when the next tax returns and vat filings are due can be time-consuming and in some cases lead to serious trouble. To avoid that, we provide a real-time overview.

Automate your business

Less work and assured compliance.

The vat filings process will be automated and this will lead to less space for mistakes and an overall better performance. Filings always compliant and on time!

Quality control (automated / manual)

Two heads are better than one.

In contrast to many of our competitors, we do not only take care of a smooth handling but also check all information for accuracy and completeness.

VAT return notifications

Payments on time.

You will always receive notifications whenever there are any payments to make. These notifications give you a full overview and you simply need to make a bank transfer.

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Our testimonials

Get help on expanding your FBA

November 17th, 2016

“I am expanding my Amazon Seller business to Europe so I was searching for someone that could help with translations (then I found out I also needed VAT number)…
I got personal consultancy for free in the first place. That is when I’d learned that I needed to ask for a VAT number. How I could save money on my product imports and how I could sort out the filings for this sales tax.” … more

Senior Project Manager in Munich

November 30th, 2017

“I had the opportunity to work in project management the whole last year and the working environment was really great. You can feel the Startup Spirit”.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are VAT returns created?

    You synchronize your Amazon seller account with our software, based on the transactions pulled from the Amazon seller account, reports are created and based on these reports VAT returns will be made.

  • How am I informed about new VAT returns?

    You will receive an email notification and you will also be notified in your hellotax app account.

  • How does the payment of VAT returns work?

    You will be notified in your VAT returns how to proceed with payment. We do not handle VAT returns payments. Please be aware to pay within deadlines and check the notifications you get from us.

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