VAT Return Austria


Advance VAT returns and registrations in Austria

If you sell your goods online from or to Austria, you usually also have to get an Austrian VAT number. We will gladly inform you about your tax obligations and at the same time offer you the all-in-one solution for the automation of your VAT duties in Europe:
The FREE hellotax VAT Compliance-Tool.

When do you have to take care of the VAT number registration
and regular returns in Austria?

Reason 1:
Threshold Limit

Exceeding the delivery threshold of 35.000€

If you sell to Austria, you must obtain an Austrian VAT number when the annual delivery threshold is reached!

The delivery thresholds themselves are determined by each member state and if they are exceeded, local registrations become indispensable.

With a delivery threshold of 35,000 €, this means that if, for example, you are registered in Germany and within one year you sell goods with this value to Austria via distance selling, the registration in Germany is no longer sufficient and a further registration in Austria is required. Registrations always mean that regular returns and filings have to be submitted.

Reason 2:
Storage in Austria

Storage in Austrian warehouses

VAT registrations and advance return are, as in every EU country, not only required in Austria once the threshold limit has been reached.

If goods are stored in an EU country, e.g. with Amazon FBA, then a VAT registration is mandatory in the country of storage and declarations, advance returns and other documents must be submitted regularly to the tax authorities in Austria.

Here there are no limits, registration is required in every country of storage and also advance returns must be submitted from day one of storage!

You already have a VAT number in Austria?

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You need a VAT number in Austria? No problem!

With our FREE VAT compliance tool you can register for VAT with just a few clicks. Also the handling of all tasks, such as advance returns, can be done with little effort directly in our tool.

For hellotax customers who book our VAT compliance service on an annual basis, the registration of all VAT numbers (wherever you want) is completely free!

You have registered in Austria in the past in time?

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Do you need help with your VAT duties in Austria? Your search has come to an end!

The tax accountants of hellotax are spread all over Europe in order to make the handling of your tax tasks, such as the regular submission of advance VAT returns, as efficient as possible.

The self-developed tool for the automation of VAT and our tax consultants make compliance with all VAT requirements easier than ever before.

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You need help with filing your VAT returns in Austria?

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You have registered in time? Perfect!
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If you have overlooked or forgotten to get a VAT number in Austria in time, it is not the end of the world, but it should be ensured that all requirements are met as soon as possible.

Also backdated registrations can be processed and documents can be handed in retrospectively. We will gladly support you in this. Get in touch with us and we will make sure that you know your duties and comply with all requirements!

You should have already submitted advance returns in Austria?

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You missed the registration in Austria and therefore did not submit any advance VAT returns to the authorities?

Even if the problem does not get better with longer waiting, in principle, backdated registrations and backdated advance returns are possible. Of course we will be happy to help you with this. However, if you are not quite sure of your obligations or have any other questions, you are welcome to contact us first and we will discuss your obligations and ensure that they are met.

With our FREE VAT tool this will not happen again in the future. You can monitor all thresholds and sales in real time, automate correspondence with the authorities (no matter what country or language), and much more. 

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