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VAT registrations & advance VAT returns for Germany

Automate your VAT registrations, advance returns and all reports with our VAT software. No matter whether future registrations or retroactive advance returns - hellotax offers the all-in-one solution for VAT in Europe!

When do I have to take care of a VAT registration and
advance VAT returns in Germany?

Reason 1:
Threshold Limit

Exceeding the annual threshold of € 100,000

Online sellers, who have a VAT ID in Germany, naturally have various tax obligations. One of these is the regular submission of advance VAT returns to the relevant tax office or, for example, Intrastat reports.

Not every European trader has to register in Germany just because he has sold to Germany. Only if a sale is made to Germany from an EU country and the value of the goods sold within a calendar year exceeds €100,000 (registration threshold), only then does a registration in Germany become mandatory.

This threshold limits are intended to simplify trade in Europe and sellers do not have to register for VAT immediately because of one-off or rare sales to another EU country.

Reason 2:
Storage in Germany

Storage in warehouses in Germany

Not only delivery to a country (delivery threshold) may require VAT registration, but also storage in a country triggers VAT obligations.

If, for example, you sell your goods in Europe with Amazon FBA and accordingly use Amazon’s warehouses in Europe, you must register for VAT in every country where your goods are stored in a warehouse!

So, apart from reaching the annual threshold limit, the storage is the main reason for registrations. It is also important to mention that in the case of registration obligations due to storage, advance VAT returns must be submitted on the day of the first storage and further reports may be required as well.

You are already registered for VAT in Germany?

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You need a VAT number in Germany? We are happy to help you with the registration and all the subsequent steps.

Our FREE VAT tool allows you to register in a country of your choice with just a few clicks – conveniently from home.

In addition, all goods movements and thresholds can be monitored and all reports, declarations, advance returns, etc. can be received and filed. With a wide range of features, online sellers can use this tool to automate their VAT compliance in Europe.

You need help with submitting your
advance VAT returns in Germany?

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Anyone who has a VAT number in Germany, i.e. is registered for tax purposes, must of course regularly submit various reports, declarations and returns to the respective tax offices.

For this reason, hellotax offers not only a VAT software but also a team of tax accountants throughout Europe in order to be able to always ensure compliance with all regulations in the best possible way. Regardless of whether registrations, advance VAT returns or other paperwork in Germany or another EU country – we offer the complete package.

Our self-developed tool for the automation of VAT in combination with our tax professionals makes our service so special and the handling of all requirements so simple and uncomplicated.

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You have already registered in the past
for a VAT number in Germany?

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If you have overlooked or forgotten to get a VAT number in Germany in time, then one thing in advance: don’t panic!

Also in retrospect registrations can be completed and necessary documents and reports can be submitted. Of course we will be happy to help you with this as well! 

If you are not sure about your tax obligations in Germany and if a registration would have been necessary, you can always write us and we will inform you about your tax obligations.

Would you have had to submit advance returns in Germany already?

✔️ YES

In case a registration was missed in the past, then, as a rule, all subsequent tax obligations are likely to not have been fulfilled either.
First of all: do not panic!

We will take care of your VAT compliance – also retroactively. This means that retroactive advance VAT returns are of course also possible and we can also guarantee full compliance with all requirements in retrospect.

Our FREE VAT tool helps you to keep track of delivery thresholds and generally all VAT obligations. Subscribe to our service and you will have access to further services, additional software features and our Europe-wide team of professional and competent tax consultants.

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